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Raw Wildflower Honey


Wildflower honey is exactly what it sounds like. Derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming during the summer months. It's a thicker honey and the taste varies from year to year based on what's in bloom. This honey has a delightful taste and is darker in color. Darker honey has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties compared to lighter honey.

All of our honey is 100% pure U.S. honey - there is no blending or alteration done to any of our honey!

Please see our page that discusses our raw honey.
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6 oz.  Jar Raw Wildflower Honey
Average Rating(9)
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1 lb. Raw Wildflower Honey
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2.5 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey
Average Rating(34)
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5 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey
Average Rating(56)
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6 lbs. Raw Wildflower Honey
Average Rating(2)
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1 Gallon Raw Wildflower Honey 12 lbs
Average Rating(80)
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6 oz. Variety Pack - 7 Raw Honey Varieties
Average Rating(34)
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6 oz. Variety Pack - 8 Raw Honey Varieties
Average Rating(33)
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